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Seaserve technical services


STS TEAM takeS care of the needs of inspection and testing of lifting equipment by employing physical, mechanical and non-destructive test methods and is actively supported by SEASERVE TECHNICAL SUPPLIES LLC.
STS believes in delivering value added services to its customers through innovative marketing practices with the help of dedicated team of young and qualified professionals. STS has continuously strived to remain close to the customer by focused solutions.
STS is registered with the U.A.E. Ministry of Economic Department and Dubai Municipality as a Mechanical and Physical Testing Company and approved by UAE Ministry of Labour to carry out inspection, testing and certification of Lifting Equipment and Pressure Vessels.
All inspections, testing and Certification of the components are carried out in compliance with the International Codes, Procedures and Specification as per international standards.
The key personnel in STS are highly motivated and very sincere. They have experience in the industry and trained in the different field to carry out inspection and certification in a very professional manner.

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