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Seaserve technical services


We carry out Inspection, Testing and Certification of:
  • All types of Cranes, Derricks and Gantries using load cell or water bags or test weights.
  • Cargo loose gear attachments (wire rope slings, shackles, hook blocks etc.)
  • Life Boat / Rescue boat davits using water bags
  • Bollard pull test
  • Non-destructive testing (DP, MPI, and UT Gauging)
  • Forklifts and Truck cranes
  • Industrial Boilers and Pressure Vessels
  • Anchor and Anchor Chains
In addition to the above, we also have the following exclusive services:
  • 35 tons Spooling Machine which can be easily transported to the site for spooling of wire ropes from the Vessels.
  • Pad eye tester up to 30 tons which is capable of testing pad eyes (lifting/anchoring points) location on the floor/walls/ ceiling onboard the vessel.
  • MPI, DPI and UT Gauging Services and advanced NDT services as per Client requirements.
All inspection, testing and certification of the components are carried out in compliance with the.
International Codes, Procedures and Specification as per International Standards.
Our sister concern “Seaserve Technical Supplies LLC” supplies the following:
  • Wire Rope Slings, shackles, hooks, eye bolts etc.
  • Chain Slings, Chain Hoists, Lever Hoists, Swivels and Sheaves.
  • Webbing Slings, Endless Round Slings and Lashing Accessories.
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